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The 10 Most Popular Issue Trackers

I was looking for an issue tracking/project management software, and stumbled upon this wikipedia page comparing the features of 43 of the most common ones. A bunch of features can be useful, but you won’t care about them if the job can’t be done easily and quickly, or if you fail to install the software and that there’s no one to tell you what you did wrong.

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How to close Crucible Reviews in batch ?

If you’re using Atlassian Crucible to do peer reviews, you may end up in a situation where you have many pending reviews not relevant anymore that you would like to close in one shot. Unlike JIRA, Crucible doesn’t offer a batch process feature, but you can use its REST API to automate this task. Here are two Windows batch that will take care of completing or closing all pending Crucible reviews in a given id range for a user. Continue reading

Eclipse : How to debug a C++ console application using a native Windows console instead of the IDE integrated one ?

You’re using Eclipse to develop a C/C++ Windows command line application, and instead of debugging using the Eclipse integrated console you would like to use a native DOS/Windows console. Some reasons to do so are that the Eclipse integrated console doesn’t deal very well with some DOS console features (like cursor positioning), and it may buffer some inputs. Happily, it is possible to configure Eclipse to use a native console !
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How to configure SearchBlox to index a “form authenticated” web site ?

You’re working in a company which has many sources of information. There’s this wiki maintained by the support team, and the sharepoint intranet used by the marketing team. There’s also this shared folder where anyone drops Word, excel, PDF files. The developers also have their JIRA bug tracker. Looking for a piece of information is a nightmare. You looked for a tool that would index all of this data and make it searchable from one single place, and eventually found SearchBlox. Built on top on the Apache Lucene search engine, SearchBlox offers a really nice and easy to use interface. There even is a free edition ! But soon you hit a problem : how do you index a website requiring authentication ?


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