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Why is draw_line() not drawing anything on my Verifone Vx display ?

You’re playing with the Verifone eVo/Verix SDK, and are trying to draw a couple of lines on the screen. No big deal you think. You found the draw_line() function, read its (meager) documentation, and tried to use it. Unsuccessfully. Nothing is displayed. If draw_line() returns 0, you probably just messed up with the coordinates or you’re writing with the same color as the background. If the return value is -1, you need to check the errno value. Continue reading

How to fix download issues to your Verifone terminal ?

So, you just started Verifone development, and you’re trying to download your first “hello world” application to your Verix or eVo terminal. You’ve got your terminal connected to your PC RS-232 port using the verifone download cable, your application and its signature file are ready, and you run the ddl.exe command from the eVo/Verix SDK, something like :

ddl *GO=HelloWorld.out Debug\HelloWorld.out debug\HelloWorld.out.p7s

And all you get is an endless dot progress bar, with no download ever happening. Continue reading

How to fix error “L6221E: Execution region CODE overlaps with Execution region DATA” ?

Your Verifone Verix application was working just fine, until a small change caused the linker to fail with the following error :

Error: L6221E: Execution region CODE overlaps with Execution region DATA

ARM DS5 or ARM WorkBench doesn’t give you more explanations, but you noticed that reverting your change solves the issue. You are most likely working on a project whose original code wasn’t written by you, and you have no clue about the source of the problem.

First, take a look at the ARM website for more info about this error.

The issue comes from an increase of the size of the executable code triggered by your last change. Continue reading