Monthly Archives: September 2013

EMV in the cloud, really a possibility ?

A few days ago, I stumbled upon an article from Jeremy Gumbley (CreditCall) titled “EMV in the cloud – A Vision For The Future Of Global EMV Adoption“. Jeremy’s point is that by moving to the cloud most of the logic which resides within a point of sales terminal, retailers could save a lot of money. These new “dummy” terminals would require less maintenance, less upgrades, and their manufacturers wouldn’t have to go as often through the certification process. He’s right, but he’s ignoring EMV contactless transactions which are hardly “cloud-compatible”. Continue reading

Tools to count lines of code

I’ve been asked to give a report about the number of lines of codes (SLOC) in a project in order to evaluate its complexity. I’m not a big fan of this metric (but that’s a whole discussion in itself), and I was too lazy to write a grep command or python script to do the job. I found several tools, and two of them emerged out of the crowd : Continue reading

Verifone signing error : “Card is not in controlled mode”

You’re trying to use the Verifone FileSignature.exe command line tool to sign your application before deployment on your eVo terminal, and you get this error message :

Specified settings are incorrect. Unable to sign the file(s). Card is not in controlled mode.

This could happen, for example, if you’re using the sign.bat batch in the Verifone VMAC application folder (ex : C:\eVoAps\VMAC\2.1.0\Output\RV\Core\Files).

So, what’s happening ? Continue reading

How to write an executive summary ?

Recently, I have been tasked with the redaction of a report about the technical feasibility of a project. That’s slightly out of my usual tasks, and I didn’t know how to write a good “Executive summary”.

I’ve been looking for a good “Executive summary” tutorial. This one, from wikihow, is the best one I found. Let’s hope it’ll also help you.