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Verifone signing error : “Card is not in controlled mode”

You’re trying to use the Verifone FileSignature.exe command line tool to┬ásign your application before deployment on your eVo terminal, and you get this error message :

Specified settings are incorrect. Unable to sign the file(s). Card is not in controlled mode.

This could happen, for example, if you’re using the sign.bat batch in the Verifone VMAC application folder (ex : C:\eVoAps\VMAC\2.1.0\Output\RV\Core\Files).

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How to fix VRXLIB error “line too long” ?

So, you’re using the vrxlib.exe tool to create a shared library for your Verifone Verix/eVo application, and linking fails with the following error :

Reading library description MYLIB.LID
VRXLIB: (MYLIB.LID line 4) line too long
VRXLIB: 1 errors in MYLIB.LID

The error is simple to fix, but it may not be what it looks like.
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Why is draw_line() not drawing anything on my Verifone Vx display ?

You’re playing with the Verifone eVo/Verix SDK, and are trying to draw a couple of lines on the screen. No big deal you think. You found the draw_line() function, read its (meager) documentation, and tried to use it. Unsuccessfully. Nothing is displayed. If draw_line() returns 0, you probably just messed up with the coordinates or you’re writing with the same color as the background. If the return value is -1, you need to check the errno value. Continue reading