How to fix VRXLIB error “line too long” ?

So, you’re using the vrxlib.exe tool to create a shared library for your Verifone Verix/eVo application, and linking fails with the following error :

Reading library description MYLIB.LID
VRXLIB: (MYLIB.LID line 4) line too long
VRXLIB: 1 errors in MYLIB.LID

The error is simple to fix, but it may not be what it looks like.

You take a look to you lid file, which defines the format of your shared library, and the exported functions, and everything looks fine. There doesn’t seem to be a line too long :

# Description file for shared library MYLIB
MYLIB id=5 addr=0 ver=1.0 thumb
0 unimplemented
1 addValues

As indicated, you checked the 4th line of your lid file (the last one indeed), then tried to simplify the file as much as possible, unsuccessfully. Error is still there.

The problem ? vrxlib is a fragile tool, and as soon as the format of the lid file is a little bit different from what it expects, it fails. Moreover, it can report errors that have nothing to do with the real issue. That’s the case here, where the issue is not that a line is too long, but that the last line doesn’t end with an end-of-line character (CRLF). Go to the end of the last line of your lid file, press “enter” to add a new line, save your file and re-run vrxlib. Et voilà ! Issue should be gone.

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