The 10 Most Popular Issue Trackers

I was looking for an issue tracking/project management software, and stumbled upon this wikipedia page comparing the features of 43 of the most common ones. A bunch of features can be useful, but you won’t care about them if the job can’t be done easily and quickly, or if you fail to install the software and that there’s no one to tell you what you did wrong.

So, I looked for the most popular issue trackers. Popularity can be defined in many ways, the number of users for example, or the number of servers deployed. I chose the global interest for the software, and decided to measure it using Google Adwords and its Keyword Planner tool. I ranked the softwares based on the average monthly searches for each of them between september 2013 and september 2014. Below are the results.

You’ll notice that Atlassian JIRA easily outpaces its competitors, having 3 times more monthly searches than Redmine, the second in the table. You’ll find the top 10 most popular bug trackers, and as a bonus you’ll also get the ranking of all the other softwares listed on the wikipedia page !

Ranking Issue tracker Name Avg Monthly searches between sep 2013 and sep 2014 Keywords used in Google AdWords
1 JIRA 301 000 JIRA
2 Redmine 110 000 Redmine
3 Bugzilla 40 500 Bugzilla
4 OTRS 40 500 OTRS
5 Pivotal Tracker 27 100 Pivotal Tracker
6 Wrike 27 100 Wrike
7 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 22 200 Microsoft Dynamics CRM
8 Team Foundation Server 22 200 Team Foundation Server
9 Kayako SupportSuite 14 800 Kayako
10 YouTrack 12 100 YouTrack
11 FogBugz 9 900 FogBugz
12 SysAid 9 900 SysAid
13 HP Quality Center 8 100 HP Quality Center
14 org-mode 5 400 org-mode
15 Request Tracker 5 400 Request Tracker
16 IBM Rational ClearQuest 4 400 ClearQuest
17 MantisBT 2 900 MantisBT
18 Axosoft 2 400 Axosoft
19 Planbox 2 400 Planbox
20 StarTeam 1 900 StarTeam
21 Apache Bloodhound 1 600 Apache Bloodhound
22 Web Help Desk 1 600 Web Help Desk
23 TechExcel’s DevTrack 1 300 DevTrack
24 Projeqtor 880 Projeqtor
25 ikiwiki 880 ikiwiki
26 TestTrack 880 TestTrack
27 Plain Ticket 720 Plain Ticket
28 The Bug Genie 720 The Bug Genie
29 IBM Rational Team Concert 260 Team Concert
30 Remedy Action Request System 210 Remedy Action Request System
31 Liberum Help Desk 170 liberum help desk
32 Roundup 110 roundup issue tracker
33 Trac 90 trac issue tracking
34 Zoho BugTracker 70 Zoho BugTracker
35 AssemblaTickets 50 AssemblaTickets
36 TrackerSuite.Net 50 trackersuite
37 Fossil 30 switced to Fossil Issue Tracker, brand name was too generic
38 Teamwork 10 Teamwork issue tracking
39 Brimir Brimir
40 Debbugs Debbugs
41 GNATS Gnats issue tracking
42 Google Code Hosting
43 LibreSource LibreSource
44 Supportworks Supportworks issue tracker

By default, I used the names of the defect tracking softwares as keywords. But some of them were quite generic (ex : “Fossil” got 1 million monthly searches…). So, I googled each of them and checked the content of the first results page. If all links were not related to the sofware, I added keywords to refine the search (ex : “Fossil issue tracker” instead of “Fossil”) and used Adwords to find the combination with the largest number of relevant results. This is not science, and one could easily question some scores (feel free to do it in the comments), still, I believe this method gives a reliable trend. Popularity is just one reason to select an issue tracker, and I would be curious to know which one you’re using, and why. Let me know in the comments !

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