Release Failed when publishing to Sonatype

While trying to publish a new version of my fork of mysql-backup4j, the release of the latest version failed with error “Event: Failed: Repository Writable”, whether I tried to publish using “mvn deploy” (whatever the value of the autoReleaseAfterClose setting), or from the nexus repository manager portal.

The maven “mvn deploy” command returned the following error

[ERROR] Nexus Staging Rules Failure Report
[ERROR] ==================================
[ERROR] Repository "frneolegal-1040" failures
[ERROR]   Rule "RepositoryWritePolicy" failures
[ERROR]     * Artifact updating: Repository ='releases:Releases' does not allow updating artifact='/fr/neolegal/mysql-backup4j/1.2.3/mysql-backup4j-1.2.3.jar'

While the Nexus Repository manager displayed this one

Once identified, the issue was kind of obvious. My maven “target” folder hadn’t been cleaned prior to the compilation, and the artefacts of the previous version were still present. The deploy operation was pushing the new and old artefacts, triggering a release failure, since the previous version had already been released.

Deleting the “target” folder manually – or even better using the “mvn clean” command – solved the issue. And to prevent any future occurence, just use the following maven command :

mvn clean deploy

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