EMV Acronyms Glossary

Because payment specialists can’t make a sentence without at least one acronym, here is a dictionary of common abbreviations used in EMV related documents.



AAC Application Authentication Cryptogram, for refusal
AAR Application Authorisation Referral
AC Application Cryptogram
ADA Application Default Action (Visa)
ADF Application Definition File
ADVT Acquirer Device Validation Toolkit (Visa)
AEF Application Elementary File
AFL Application File Locator
AID Application IDentifier
AIP Application Interchange Profile
APDU Application Protocol Data Unit
API Application Program Interface
API Application Priority Identifier (EMV)
ARC Authorisation Response Code
ARPC Authorisation Response Cryptogram
ARQC Authorisation Request Cryptogram
ASI Application Selection Indicator
ATC Application Transaction Counter
ATM Automatic Teller Machine, also known as ABM (Automated Banking Machine)
ATR Answer To Reset
AUC Application Usage Control
BER Basic Encoding Rules (defined in ISO/IEC 8825-1)
CA Certification Authority
CAD Card Accepting Device
CAM Card Authentication Method
CAP Carte à Puce
CAT Cardholder Attended Terminal
CBC Cipher Block Chaining
CCD Common Core Definitions
CCI Common Core Identifier
CDA Combined DDA/Application Cryptogram Generation
CDOL Card Risk Management Data Object List
CID Cryptogram Information Data
CLA Class Byte of the Command Message
CPV Card Process Validation (MasterCard)
CV Cryptogram Version
CVK Card Verification Key
CVM Cardholder Verification Method
CVMR Card Verification Method Results
CVR Card Verification Result
CVV Card Verification Value
DDA Dynamic Data Authentication
DDF Directory Definition File
DDOL Dynamic Data Authentication Data Object List
DEA Data Encryption Algorithm
DES Data Encryption Standard
DF Dedicated File
DKI Derivation Key Index
DOL Data Object List
DTF Debit Testing Facilities (pour NIV online)
ECB Electronic Code Book
EF Elementary File
EMV Europay, Mastercard and VISA
ETEC Easy Tests Cards (MasterCard)
ETED End-to-end Demonstration = tests de bout en bout
FCI File Control Information
GA Guichet Automatique
GPO Get Processing Options
IAC Issuer Action Code
IAD Issuer Application Data (EMV – card)
IAD Issuer Authentication Data (EMV – issuer)
ICC Integrated Circuit Card; also known as a chip card
ICS Implementation Conformance Statement (MasterCard)
ICVV Alternate Card Verification Value
IDP Interac Direct Payment; also called POS
IFD Interface Device
IFM Interface Module
IFS Information Field Size
ISO International Organization for Standardization
JCB Japan Credit Bureau
LCOL Lower Consecutive Offline Limit
LOA Letter of Approval (Certificat de Conformité EMVCo + MCW)
MAC Message Authentication Code
MCC Merchant Category Code
MCI MasterCard International
MCPS MasterCard Clearing Presentment Simulator
MCW MasterCard Worldwide (MasterCard International)
MDK Master Derivation Key
MK ICC Master Key for session key generation
NIV Network Interface Validation (MasterCard)
PAN Primary Account Number
PCA Certification Authority Public Key
PDOL Processing Options Data Options List
PED PIN Entry Device
PI Issuer Public Key
PIC ICC Public Key
PIN Personal Identification Number
PIX Proprietary Application Identifier Extension
PK Public Key
PKI Certificate Authority Public Key Index
POS Point Of Sale = TPV
PPSE Proximity Payment System Environment
PSE Payment System Environment
QA Quality Assurance
RID Registered Application Provider Identifier
RSA Rivest, Shamir, Adleman
SAD Signed Static Application Data
SAM Secure Access Method
SCA Certification Authority Private Key
SCD Interac Shared Cash Dispensing, also called ATM
SDA Static Data Authentication
SFI Short File Identifier
SHA-1 Secure Hash Algorithm 1
SI Issuer Private Key
SIC ICC Private Key
STIP Stand In Processing
SW1 First byte of the Status Words returned by the card
SW2 Second byte of the Status Words returned by the card
TAC Terminal Application Certification (Interac)
TAC Terminal Action Code (EMV)
TAL Terminal Application Layer
TTL Terminal Transport Layer
TC Transaction Certificate, for approval
TDOL Transaction Certificate Data Object List
TIP Terminal Integration Process (MasterCard)
TLV Tag Length Value
TPDU Transport Protocol Data Unit
TSI Transaction Status Information
TVR Terminal Verification Results
UCOL Upper Consecutive Offline Limit
UDK Unique Derived Key
VCMS Visanet Certification Management Service
VIP VisaNet Integrated Payment
VLP Visa Low value Payment
VSDC Visa Smart Debit/Credit
VTS Visa Test Simulator.




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