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Why you should give a try to the Pomodoro time management technique

I’ve first heard from the Pomodoro technique a couple of years ago from a friend at work. You can find details on the official website, but in short : it’s a focusing technique where you work in short intervals (25 minutes), separated by 5 minutes breaks. A timer is used to “wake you up” when your interval is finished. The idea is that focused period of work (with no interruption), separated by short break improves mental agility, increases productivity, prevents burnout, will end starvation in the world, solve the middle east conflicts, etc. Continue reading

The maintainability legend

I came across a couple of articles today talking about software maintainability. This one, from Greg Jorgensen, is fun to read. Greg is specialized in dealing with unmaintainable legacy software, and he lists  everything developers should do to keep him in business. This other one, from Matt DuVall, is about the myth of maintainability and talks about all these design errors made in the name of maintainability.

I couldn’t agree more with these two articles. Developers spend way too much time Continue reading