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You think you know C++ ? Try this quiz !

Probably because I’m currently going through some job interviews, I wasted some time today trying a few C++ quizzes. I thought I had a good knowledge of C++. Not a Bjarne Stroustrup level knowledge, but a solid one, resulting from several years developing C++ server applications. Oh man ! My ego took a hit.

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Compiling .Net code to native executable

I stumbled upon this announcement from Microsoft today :  the first release of .NET Native.

Basically, .Net Native allows compilation of c#/.Net source code to native binaries. The obvious interest is :

  • a performance gain (ex : Windows Store apps start up to 60% faster)
  • a smaller memory footprint
  • all this while keeping the increased productivity that C# and .Net offer

These are great advantages, but there’s another one which is really interesting : no more dependency on the version of the installed .Net framework. One can develop for the latest version of .Net without requiring users to upgrade their current version of the framework.