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Using WM_SETREDRAW to prevent window flickering

Flickering is a common issue with Windows applications. Different techniques exist to solve it, but they are more or less intrusive, and more or less efficient. Double-buffering for example is probably the best solution, but hard to put in place in a legacy code (even impossible sometimes). Using the WM_SETREDRAWmessage can be a light and efficient solution. Continue reading

Great free tool for Windows dual monitor display

Working efficiently as a developer requires two monitors. One dedicated to coding, the other one to internet browsing, documentation reading, email, etc. So that you don’t have to constantly switch back and forth between your IDE and your browser/email client.

Unfortunately, Windows 7 has poor multiple monitor supports. It works, but you end up with a task bar displayed on only one of your monitors, and it’s easy to forget which apps are on which screen.

I’ve been looking for solutions to this problem. Ideally, a simple taskbar that will only display the apps which are on the corresponding monitor. There seems to be several paying solutions, but Dual Monitor Taskbar is the only decent free one.

It’s simple, follows exactly the Windows look and feel and works flawlessly on my Windows 7 64 bits PC.