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  1. venkat Swaminathan

    OS Upgrade Options: Currently we have L2 kernel certification for our terminal : which runs Linux distribution (Debian Flavor 8 + 3.16 Kernel ) . However, we are planning for upgrade – Debian 9 with 4.9 Kernel. From “Major and Minor Change Definitions” Bulletin : 11(*ref OS definition pasted below) I see this as a minor change.Impacting ZERO cost to business (Means i do not want to certify the EMV kernel again, Can just use the same kernel in New OS) . Requesting your views

    Operating Systems
    Changes to an application kernel’s operating system may, or may not, qualify as a major change. This depends on the nature of the change.
    Application kernels may reside on commercially available operating systems, such as Windows XP, NT, or Linux. In this type of environment there are two basic changes that can occur.
    1. Updating an existing operating system. An example of this would be the NT operating system updating from service pack 4 to service pack 5. A commercial operating system update is generally considered a minor change. However, it is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure such a change does not significantly impact the interface or functionality or the application kernel. If the application kernel is significantly impacted this would be considered a major change.
    2. Porting from one commercially available operating system to another. For example, porting an application kernel from Windows 98 to Windows XP, porting from Linux to Windows NT, or from a proprietary operating system to a commercial operating system are all major changes, and the application kernel would require new Type Approval to maintain EMVCo approval.
    Finally, an application kernel may reside on a proprietary operating system. As EMVCo has no familiarity with these proprietary operating systems it is the vendor’s responsibility to determine whether changes are major or minor in nature. However, should any change to a proprietary operating system significantly impact the interface or functionality of the kernel it is considered a major change. In addition, porting from one proprietary operating system to another is also considered a major change.


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