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Verifone signing error : “Card is not in controlled mode”

You’re trying to use the Verifone FileSignature.exe command line tool to sign your application before deployment on your eVo terminal, and you get this error message :

Specified settings are incorrect. Unable to sign the file(s). Card is not in controlled mode.

This could happen, for example, if you’re using the sign.bat batch in the Verifone VMAC application folder (ex : C:\eVoAps\VMAC\2.1.0\Output\RV\Core\Files).

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Verifone compiler vrxcc doesn’t support file names longer than 32 characters

If you like long, explicit file names, and that you’re working with vrxcc (the Verifone eVo/Verix SDK compiler), you may sometimes notice that your output file name gets truncated and doesn’t have the expected extension. That’s a bug in the vrxcc compiler (versions <= 1.3 ), and it may cause many headaches.

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